Artists' Statement

At C & C Press, the book form is the artists’ inspiration for both artistic and cultural expression. Since 2005, Matt Cohen and Sher Zabaszkiewicz of C & C Press, have collaborated to create fine press, letterpress printed, hand-bound, limited edition artists’ books. These books are primarily content driven, featuring and responding to the meaningful texts and artworks of highly acclaimed contemporary poets, writers, artists and activists. In the printing, binding, papermaking, typography, typesetting, page design and other book arts, the artists have implemented a hands-on approach to production. Matt and Sher view each of these book arts as a significant opportunity to add multiple layers of conceptual meaning to supplement a book’s subject matter. C & C Press aims to create artists’ books in which a synergy is struck amongst its parts, critically addressing the relationships between the conceptual, aesthetic, functional and historical aspects of the book. Operating within the context of these relationships, C & C Press uses the book arts, to enhance and support the book’s content, while carefully preserving the integrity of the author’s original intent. C & C Press consists of two working locations: the C & C Press Letterpress Print Shop and Bindery in Pajaro, CA, 20 miles south of Santa Cruz, CA; and the C & C Press Papermaking Studio in Paso Robles, CA.

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